Direct Mail

SmartLending Direct Mail now offers a complete mail solution for mortgage brokers and lenders nationwide. We provide direct marketing campaigns that will match your specific loan programs. Whether you are a small broker or public trading bank, our tailored marketing and customized mailing lists will help you increase your sales. We have partnered with mortgage data leaders to create powerful & unique mailing lists that will help maximize mailing responses for cost effective mortgage advertising.

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Over the past few years, SmartLending Direct Mail has created alliances with the leading data sources, and fulfillment companies for the best total mailing solution. Our Consumer Homeowner Lists are analyzed frequently to ensure higher better returns with mortgage mailing campaigns.

Don't forget our Data is scrubbed against the DNC/ Do Not Call Registry daily. In addition our mailing data is CASS certified. We also offer the option of scrubbing your data against the National Change of Address.

Direct Mail Data:

Lender Name, Revolving Balance Amount, Open Trade Lines, Property Value, Consumer Name, Address, Phone #, Loan Amount, Date of Loan, LTV, CLTV, Annual Income, Age, etc.

Current Mortgage Rate and FICO Score details are available upon request.

Program Overview:

•  Mailing Creative
•  Printing
•  Mailing
•  Fico Score
•  Debt Consolidation
•  Subprime Lenders
•  Bankruptcy

Mailing Creative :

Letters and Postcards will be formatted with current data. Mail will be shipped direct to local BMC''s to expedite delivery. Mail can verified through 3602statements upon request..

Mailing List Geo-Target:

All 50 States are available. Zip Codes, and County segments are available as well.

LI24 hr. Live Call Center :

We provide a High-tech 24 hr call center to field inbound calls from direct mail campaigns. Imagine never missing a call!

We offer this valued service at no additional cost! A recent study found that mortgage companies received nearly 30% more leads when using our call center.

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